by Magenta

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The hungover little sister of "Against the Grey"....


released October 20, 2012

many thanks to friends an fam from all over,props to the marlboro men,gin,jager,red bull,mojitos and low grade polish-potato-wine,without whom this e.p would have been released sooner.....X



all rights reserved


Magenta UK

swinging drunkenly from acoustic numbers best enjoyed solo in your smoking room to punchy alternative to soundtrack your night as you get beaten up in drag.


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Track Name: You know Me
Wait a minute and hold your pace,here comes the action i've been waiting for
another moment detonates,a firework display
pity it blew up in your pretty face,here comes the pain that i've come to adore
another love to degrade and then to throw away

and after all of this time,everything is still just going to plan....

just when you thought that you could counteract,my lust left you bereft
you had me wrong right from the start
and now you're leaving me no choice but to destroy all thats left
it wont take long,i cross my heart

wait a minute,dont turn your back on me,dont walk away like i dont exist
dont you dare presume to tell me what it is i lack
every time you turn your face from me presents an opportunity that i cant resist
every time you turn around,i will stab you in the back

and after all of this time,everything is still just going to plan
and all these pawns stand in line,waiting for death by my hand

but we never grew past playground games
poison your tongue,choose the first words as you kiss me
dont say you weren't warned
friends and other enemies,lovers and other killers
a rose by any other name would still have thorns.
Track Name: Friendly Fires
about how i collapse -
well you know i love the feeling when im faking like i live on the brink
all this trouble and strife,well am i worth the wait
when i relapse?
i need to take a step back from the medicine cabinet and think.
For the rest of your life,here come the words you anticipate

you said that i should change my ways or change my taste in men
your breathings shallow with fear,your voice rings clear enough
i never said this wouldnt hurt,i never said i wouldnt do this again
i never meant to hurt you dear,i just heard you liked it rough

changing tact - how unique
come on swift with my rebuttle about as subtle as a brick in the face
well im not putting you down,its just i heard my next of kin say
you want to be included - keep up with all my other lovers
darling,you cant handle the pace
but if your still putting it around,well you can count me in

you said that i should change my ways....

so shallow i've become
and i tried my hardest just to fight it off and let myself rise above
all of the compromise,for everything i lack
i came undone,but this affliction and attrition is the cause of all the friction we love
and you can see it in my eyes,now i wont take it back

so i wont change the hurt i've caused
i wont change what ive done
though its so painfully clear that you have had enough
i wont change the way i am
wont change the person i've become
i never meant to hurt you dear,i just heard you liked it rough
Track Name: Bad Mechanics
its not a statement of intent,im simply stating a fact love,
i know exactly what i am
every situation i create just to see how you will react
this is the storm before the calm
and have you heard the bitter words we spit that could be our salvation
but turned dead against us now
smoke rings and all the subtle things that somehow get lost in translation
all feel so useless to us now

so drag me to bed,and bore me to sleep
maybe we should severe ties,see im no longer transfixed
forget what i said,i no longer feel the need
when everythings been stripped away,reveals our bad mechanics

oh boring story,wont you tell me
where do i begin
stuck somewhere between starving to death and barely sober
still i continue day to day,putting just enough energy in
to keep this tired engine
just barely ticking over
i guess its fine to spend my time balancing acts,running a gauntlet
around all of the things i never said
are you still mine,curious design,
if it turns out i never wanted it?
with just this one thought in my head

so drag me to bed....

all the parts of this machine,
stripped down,laid bare
its unfair,you werent forwarned,
i run on a one speed gear thats perminantly on fast forward

so day to day i embibe
just enough to get me by
though neither of us would deny
that this engines running dry
it seems reliefs in light supply
neither of us willing to try
that we would learn to recognize
give up the ghost and let it die

answer me this,if you know,
what do we love?

so drag me to bed and bore me to sleep
maybe we should severe ties,see im no longer transfixed
that noise in your head,from which there's no relief
and all this nervous energy that serves to drive me frantic
if you want to stretch a point,allow me to get deep
no,i never lied,i guess i wasn't born romantic
forget what i said,i no longer feel the need
now that everythings been stripped away reveals our bad mehanics
Track Name: Shallow
So smile on my dear,an empty round of applause if you feel you need it
indecision complicates me
Another fabrication just to justify the flaws,if you'd believe it
you it frustrates it me
how i'm into intricacy yet i missed the devil in the details
the one i've been lieing to
cripples me by design,as i fail you,in turn you fail me
and what i've been trying to do

so i blow smoke over the sun
and keep repeating the words
"i dont belong to anyone"

in time you'll realise the blood you've shed
see how your hands become so scratched and broken when you're busy holding on to all the broken pieces of your heart.

so another night where alibis fall through
let down by myself i have been no help
through poor preparation
but with several fake personas that i've built on day to day
even when by myself i can can have good conversation
thats alright,even though you're in the right
the words you say to keep me tight just come across as apologetic
and cliched in several ways another empty phrase for you to coin
these tired words sound so pathetic now

after the searching you have found
(so dont be mad at me)
they say love makes the world go round
but thats just gravity...

i like to think that it sounds deep which shows how shallow i've become
(highlights the difference between)
what i say and do and how i've failed you right from the start
(and in the end you'll see)
all of the blood you've shed
you'll see just how you're hand become
so scratched and broken when
your busy holding onto all the broken pieces of your heart

but you'll be safe and you'll come to no harm
as long as you place yourself in the care of an embrace offered by empty arms
Track Name: The Triangle
as we dance,twist serpentine
your hips collide with my state of mind
that has me loosening my tongue
to everything i am
cold sweat and dripping wet
with gin,in drag,a vision so devine
and this is all coming off
just exactly as we planned
look at me now,glassy eyed,self medicated
what have i become? Listen to what i said
deep down you know i have a love so understated
but not for anyone,so get this through your head

you can question my intentions but you cant fault my devotion
as its built on things that you said you would allow
so to stop us both subsiding like a lighthouse into the ocean
you should bare this all in your head for the future now

so i twist on,do as i will
you wont believe the ways i've grown
i have become a machine
thats harder to surprise
and through a kiss that tastes like pills
and conversations in lowered tones
as the words drip out obscene
i refuse to disguise
and i know you hate this
but i love the attrition
the destabalising medicine,i cant get enough
fell so deep in love with all of my addictions
still,you let me in,and now you cant shake me off

so you can question my intentions...

so listen to what i have to say,i will say this only once
where do i begin?
with such a long line of iniquities to clear
with a cloud of smoke between us and a headache setting in
dont say you werent warned,by that tugging at your heart
what have we done? though it may seem unkind
this Triangle we have formed,that is pulling you apart
in this dance we have become
the deaf leading the blind

the messages you're sending,they will see you torn apart
its clear what goes around comes around again somehow
so before you talk of happy endings that are flawed right from the start
my dear,you should bare this all in your head for the future now.